Friday, 26 July 2013


Good evening lovelies,
I'm sure you have all heard of or are avid readers of  The Man Repeller by Leandra Medine. If not then she is a fashionista with style who dresses for her instead of for men,hence the repelling part. This includes all the items we girls love i.e jumpsuits, clogs, headscarfs etc which men find to be.. well.. unnecessary.
Of course being a firm believer in wearing whatever you want I pranced around town in this outfit the other day happy as a lamb :p
So, I decide today to do a little tribute to my favourite blog by photographing my outfit in 3 man repelling steps.
Hope you like
With love, Jen xox

started of pairing my Topshop jumpsuit with a plain black crop top
Step 1.I dropped the top of the jumpsuit down because I like it like that
Step 2 - Add a whole load of jewellery, layering is always fun
Step 3 - pull on your favourite embellished jacket that is unflattering in every way
and.....TA DAHH an outfit sure to make the boys wonder what on earth she is wearing but I love it and I hope you do to :)