Friday, 15 February 2013


Good evening lovelies,
Busy busy week at uni at the end of which i took a stroll to the shops to check out the new collection in Zara and it is beyond words amaaazing.If you haven't checked it out yet do it now as there new pieces are to die for.Lots of monochrome which i love and some cute Aztec prints and canary yellow is sneaking its way back into our lives in the form of some cool structured knits.I tried on soo many things although by bank balance is weeping a bit at the moment so cant purchase any right now.Here is a few pics of what i will be drooling over until i get paid

outfit post coming at u soon :)
Lotsa love,Jen xox

Tried on this bomber and didnt want to take it off ever again,its such beautiful fabric and the embellishments are gorgeous.just in love <3

The pic of this pearl necklace does not do it justice.The beads are huge and its just fabulous,only £19.99 aswell,bargain!!