Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hello there lovelies,
Those of you who are regular readers of  i heart fashion (my favourites :p) will notice that i have already posted pics of this outfit last week but it was a horrible day when i took them so the pics were a little crappy sooooo here are some new and improved ones :)

This white boucle coat was a surprising find from Primark (i know right :o) not my favourite shop but on the few occasions i am forced to browse with friends i admit i sometimes find little treasures like this.Would have liked a bigger size for a longer length but this was all i could find.Hope you like this look ....again :p

Have a fashionable day
Lots of love,Jen xox                                                 Jumper and Trousers - New Look
Boots - Zara
Jacket - Primark
Perplex Bracelet - Oasis
Other Bracelets - Accessorise