Monday, 9 July 2012


Just recovering from my weekend at T in the park.Nicki Minaj,The Wanted,Stooshe,Jesssie J, Chase and Status and Snow Patrol were all completely amazing. Not to mention the EPIC headliner that was .....David Guetta.The only thing i have to complain about the whole festival was the weather. Those of u who were their or watched it on tv will understand what i mean when i say "muddy" doesn't even cover it. However i will post up photos of my outfits although i did spend alot of the time with my jacket zipped right up and even for a bit there was a waterproof poncho involved which wasn't my greatest moment,but desperate times :p Here are some of my favourites. Hope you like them :)


oversized letter and animal print tee from Topshop.The shorts are my mums old Falmer jeans that she let me cut into these shorts with turn-ups.Furry socks and rubber duck wellies.


 Unfortuantely this was the wetest day and so was far too cold to take of my jacket for most of the day. The jacket anyways was a suprising find from New Look.Had been saving up for a green trench from Zara but this one was soo similiar and far cheaper.It is currently hanging up outside after its second wash.

DAY 3 

Double florals.Bodice and dress worn as a skirt,both from Topshop.

Lots of love xox